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If you’re a Creative, Director, Photographer, DP Producer, Production Company etc. Then you NEED these contract to protect yourself and your projects!

This product was developed and is used by 2 industry leading production companies BetterdaysLA & BuffNerds Media. Combined these 2 companies have produced some of the world’s biggest music videos for the industries biggest artists & brands such as Tyga, KYLE, Snoop Dog, Nipsey Hussle, Mariah Carey, MarshMello, YG, Juicy J, YBN Cordae, Verizon, Netflix, Colgate, DirecTV, Macy’s and more!

  • 6 fully editable & customizable contracts

  • Over 20+ pages of contracts

  • All contracts are fully up to date for 2020 legal codes

  • Includes product descriptions and instructions

  • Contracts were created by high powered entertainment law firm & top industry producers

  • Over 10K in legal fees went into the making of these contracts

  • We can’t guarantee that these will work with the laws of any other country other than the USA, as these were made and based on US law, so buy at your own risk

1. Production Agreement or Scope of Work (SOW) is used when a production company or individuals are being hired by a company or client to execute a project or video. This agreement mutually sets up the project guidelines, terms of payment, dates and deliverables the client/company is agreeing to.

2. Crew Deal Memo is an agreement that sets up terms of payment for a crew member. This is a shorter form agreement to the ICA and can be used on smaller project that don’t need as many legal terms. Or can be provided to companies to get a written agreement for payment terms rather than a verbal agreement in potential hires.

3. Work For Hire Agreement is used when a producer hires a videographer on a production. This agreement can also be submitted by a videographer for their specific payment and project delivery terms.

4. Location Release (NO FEE) is used to obtain permission to release any location that you will film for your production and states that you have the right to use the location and will NOT pay a fee to use it with the agreed upon terms in your project or production.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreement also called an NDA is used when a producer provides access to confidential material to a third-party and the producer wants any information obtained to be kept confidential. This typically is used when someone is given access to physical material that should remain confidential.