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Creative & Conversion LUTs Built and battle tested to work on all types of footage

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Real analog film textures & overlays scanned at the highest fidelty

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Fully customizable title templates that can work directly in editing app of your choice

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Contract templates & freelancer docs designed to help filmmakers & editors scale their business

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Practical transitions that can be implemented seamlessly into your project

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Analog film mattes & borders that can easily be overlayed to create an authentic film look.

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Level up your edit with easy to use motion asset overlays

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Trusted by 100,000+ CREATORS

I’ve been using Tropic Colour products for the past couple of years and have always been blown away at the quality of the products. I’ve used their contracts, luts, title animations, and my personal favorite the dream fx filter. I love the mission of this company of helping make useful and high quality products for beginning filmmakers. 

Thank you guys so much for your products and help to the community.

Nathan C.

To say that Tropic Colour is invaluable is still an understatement. From their products to their tutorials everything is more than you could ever ask for. I’ve utilized their products and learned so much from them I can’t see myself purchasing assets from anywhere else. They’ve sent my edits to the moon in no time at all. Do yourself a favor and get on their email list and start scooping these TODAY.

Shawn A.

Tropic Colour's Film Title pack was a great asset for me as a beginning video editor. I was able to easily customize the templates playing with color, form, style, and placement. This helped me better understand the details of film titling and inspired me to do some designing of my own. I would definitely recommend this pack for beginners as well as for more advanced video editors and creators; the application is simple and the designs are classic. And modern... And hot!

Zoe C.

Tropic Colour has completely changed the way that I create. Their motion type kit in particular has saved me hours of my time. I'm also in love with their contract and production templates as they help me interact with clients more professionally.

Tyler V.

My personal review due to my experience with tropic colour packs is that they are quite simple to use, and where definitely made to make the work experience easier and faster with a drag and drop functionality. It pretty much helped me gain time and I’m really happy with my work results. With all this said I would definitely recommend tropic colour to anyone looking for a faster and easy work flow.

Daniel B.

A brand that actually cares about their customers! Derek went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and my order was accounted for. In a day and age of automated responses and phone menu’s, this is what truly separates brands.

Jonah J.

As a passionate video editor, it's been a mega pleasure working with Tropic Colour's products, as they add extra dynamics to my videos and helped me out when my footage or my ideas were dull. 

I can only recommend their products if you wish to shake up your videos, no matter how beginner or professional you are.

After a long search, I found their Film Mattes and Split Screens to be the best available on the internet, and I have started flirting with their other products already.

Greg S.

I want to thank the Tropic Colour team for the excellent assets, your quality to price ratio is unmatched in my experience. As an indie filmmaker I work on lots of different projects like commercials, music videos, fashion films etc. Some require quicker turnaround than others and that's where the cinematic LUT pack & Pro mist pack really shine for me. It gives me a great starting point with my footage and I arrive faster to a look that satisfies both me & my clients. I really wish I could buy all the kits, but I find myself not sure if I would use some as often as others. The fact that the kits can be purchased separately and not strictly bundled is also a big help because I can buy on a project to project basis. Thanks for the great products, keep hitting it out of the park!

Rafael A.

Tropic Colour is my go to place when I need to kick my productions up a notch. Not only are their editing assists extremely user friendly, they are incredibly well done and look amazing.  Couldn’t be more thankful for these assets and the people behind them. Appreciate all you guys do!

Tommy H.

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