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Our new MASTER Bundle is a physical product that carries our entire catalog of 85+ products that we offer at Tropic Colour on a new 4TB Hard-Drive that will be mailed to you inside of our collectable VHS Case with over $1500 in savings and exclusive discounts!

+ Our entire online catalog of products (85+ products total)

+ Everything comes pre-loaded onto a new 4TB HDD (Mac & PC compatible)

+ VHS Collectable case

+ Exclusive discount codes for Prism Lens FX & Tropic Colour purchases

+ Hand Signed by owners Jake & Tom

+ $3,350 in total product value for $1,495 (over 50% off)

Thank you for your support over the years! This product has been 5 years in the making and is a culmination of so many talented artists' work and we couldn't be happier to share it with you in this way! Keep creating! 

- Tom & Jake