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This is the most extensive Lighting Course available online! It features a curriculum of 100+ videos taught and led by cinematographers who have been working in the film industry for a combined 30+ years. This course is perfect for to any aspiring cinematographer/filmmaker who is eager to learn at an accelerated rate and instantly elevate their work. At the cost of less than 1 college text book, you can have lifetime access to this course and improve your cinematography and look of your projects instantly with this super visual and easy to follow online program!

100 Video Lectures

Cinematic Lighting Focused Curriculum  

Lifetime Access

Section quizzes to track what you've learned throughout the course

Level Up Your Lighting

Lighting is the number one thing filmmakers struggle with. This course will teach you the fundamentals while showing you step by step how to achieve cinematic lighting!

Built For Visual Learners

Visually driven video lectures are at the core of how you will learn in this course

Video Breakdowns

We bring in some of the industries top working directors / cinematographers to breakdown the lighting from some of their videos!

Color Contrast

This video lecture dives into the importance of color contrast within your scene

Soft Light

This video lecture describes easy ways to achieve soft lighting on your subject

Light Meter

Using a light meter can be tricky at first, this detailed video lectures walks you through the basics