SONY CONVERSION LUTS (A7II-IV) //  (FX3/6/9) // (FS5/7) // (S-LOG3)
SONY CONVERSION LUTS (A7II-IV) //  (FX3/6/9) // (FS5/7) // (S-LOG3)
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SONY CONVERSION LUTS (A7II-IV) // (FX3/6/9) // (FS5/7) // (S-LOG3)

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We've created 5 Conversion LUTS designed to work with all Sony Cameras! Robustly built and battle tested, these LUTS will instantly bring your LOG / FLAT image to a more natural "709 Inspired" look, which creates a perfect jumping off point to begin color grading! 

Natural Conversion

These aren't heavy handed, simple & natural conversions designed to be the first step in your color grading process

Robustly Tested

We've tested these conversion looks on all types of footage 

709 Inspired

Modeled to replicate a Rec 709 inspired look 

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